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Hot Shield Ultimate Bandana UB-V2

Are you looking for something better than the standard cotton bandanna that you wore on your last brushfire? Don't want a mask that uses an N-95 or cartridge style filter? Maybe you would prefer a bandanna that is super easy to breathe through but can still protect your face from burning embers? The new Ultimate Bandanna UB-V2 maybe just for you. The newly redesigned UB-V2 offers the top performance protection of CarbonX® , yet doesn't require a filter of any kind. The firefighters at Hot Shield USA realize we all have our own preferences when it comes to personal protective equipment. While the HS-2 has proved itself and is extremely popular, there are some of you who prefer their trusty bandanna yet who realize the limitations of one layer of cotton. It is for this reason we produced the new Ultimate Bandanna. This mask is a nearly 100% fire proof facial protection garment that is easier to don, doff or just hang around your neck than any bandanna you've ever used or seen before.

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